Why Should You Invest in Photoluminescent Signage?

Photoluminescent (PLM) signs offer the following advantages over powered EXIT signs:

  1. PLM signs are certified, visible and legible for 120-minutes operation. That is, after a 120-minute black out they are seen from the certified distance. However, fully charged PLM signs will glow visibly for up to 48 hours if fully charged.
  2. PLM signs do not require maintenance to ensure operation (other than occasional dusting). Lights near the egress must be maintained and be on when the building is occupied to charge the signs.
  3. PLM signs never fail to operate. Because the “Green Running Man is PLM, whenever the lights go out they must glow. This is a physical reaction that can be repeated an infinite number of times without wear to the products.
  4. PLM is essentially a photonic solution rather than electronic battery. That is, PLM signs store photonic energy when exposed to light, recycling the light from sunlight or hallway or room lighting.
  5. Green Running Man signs can reach a period of 2-hour visibility after being exposed to ambient light in about 5 minutes in areas where there is 150 lux of light. (Most areas in public access buildings have an ambient light in excess of 100 lux).
  6. PLM signs have been certified as visible AND legible from 50 feet or 75 feet after 2 hours in the dark. This objective standard (ULC572S) is tougher than the CSA standard for powered signs.
  7. When lighting in hallways burns out, maintenance usually takes care of the problem speedily because the lack of light affects the ambiance and working conditions. That means PLM signs are seldom without light to charge them. Powered signs that malfunction are often left for very long periods.
  8. Should a building’s back-up generator fail, PLM signage will still function. Powered signs will not.
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