Ontario Fire Code

ProFire conducts all installations and inspections as per the Ontario Fire Code. Have your annual inspection report handy and wondering what some of the code references mean? Browse through the fire code to get a better understanding!

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The Office of the Fire Marshal

The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) is a branch of the Public Safety Division of the Ontario Ministry of Public Safety and Security.

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Seneca School of Fire Protection Engineering Technology

Seneca’s Fire Protection Technology Programs are a North American benchmark in providing a comprehensive fire protection education combining the best aspects of both prevention and fire suppression.

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ULC Standards - Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System Monitoring

The Underwriters Laboratories of Canada outlines specific standards of compliance in order to provide customers peace of mind when dealing with vendors from various levels in the supply chain. ProFire is a ULC-listed fire alarm system and sprinkler system monitoring company. Click below to read more on the standards!

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PLM Savings Calculator

Whether spending money on a meal or a capital expenditure, everybody thinks twice about it. Let us help you through your thought process with this simple ROI and savings calculator!

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Building Owners Responsibilities for Fire Safety Equipment

Are you a building owner or manager and unsure of what you’re responsible for when it comes to your property’s fire safety equipment? Take a look at this summary from a seminar held at ProFire’s open house in June, 2015.

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Need for Fire Alarm Awareness and Training to Building Owners

Fire alarms can be very complex systems and understanding what you’re responsible for can seem like a task among your daily duties. Read through this article to find out more!

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Life Safety According to Plan

How long is your fire safety plan? 1, 2, 20, 50 pages? They can be quite overwhelming but they are vital documents to the fire and life safety of your building. What is in a fire safety plan and what are you accountable for according to the Ontario Fire Code? Read more!

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Fire Protection Labels and Stickers

We’re advocates of awareness, and so are our friends at Logbooks Unlimited. They have a dedicated website for Fire Protection Labels and Stickers. All pull stations, extinguishers, exit doors and other fire safety peripherals must be marked with their appropriate signage. Here’s your one-stop shop!

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