Photoluminescent (PLM) Exit Signage

Technology driving photoluminescent signage is changing the way the industry sees emergency egress signage. Thanks to this revolution, buildings undergoing major renovation or under construction have an affordable, cost-saving and high-ROI solution.

Photoluminescent Sign Options


The Green Running Man” provides a number of benefits while still adhering to requirements set out by the Ontario Fire Code and ULC standards. The PLM signs directly replace the existing, hardwired “EXIT” signs. Why should you invest in this cost-effective solution?

  • LEED points qualified for energy conservation and sustainability
  • ULC S572 listed for Photoluminescent and Self-Luminous Exit Signs
  • 50/75 foot visibility rating
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Requires exposure to at least 54 lux (5 foot-candles) of fluorescent, metal halide, mercury vapour, or other 4000K light illumination for a minimum of 60 minutes to become fully operational
  • Easy, indoor installation
  • Comes with a standard twenty-five (25) year, manufacturer warranty
  • Non-toxic and non-radioactive
  • ULC testing/listing no. E344049/4RG2

ProFire offers PLM Egress Signage in two series: architectural and standard. The Architectural Series is the more visually-appealing series and is also the most preferred. You will see this series of PLM signage already installed at Union Station in Downtown, Toronto due to the major renovation. Click here to read more about it! The Standard Series offers the same functional benefits but is economically preferable for some.

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Architectural Series


Standard Series

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