Calculate your ROI!

See how much YOU can save with “The Green Running Man”! Simply enter the number of EXIT signs you have in your building and any number of years in our savings calculator below to find out what your savings and ROI could be!



This calculator returns the potential dollar ($) savings, return on investment (%), and payback (in months) after implementing photoluminescent exit signs in your building. Although the calculation is quite thorough, the final numbers may not reflect actual returns and/or savings.

This estimation includes the following factors:

  • Variable energy costs (per kWh) based off Toronto Hydro 2015 time-of-use & holiday rates, including variable delivery, transmission, distribution, debt retirement, administration, regulatory charges and harmonized sales tax. Incandescent and LED bulbs rated at 15 W and 2.5 W respectively.
  • Fixed delivery chargers have not been included (fixed charges per 30 days, without any correlation to energy usage).
  • Costs associated to installation/maintenance, bulb/battery/unit replacements, and labour (20 mins/sign @ $60/hr).
  • Annual costs of power and maintenance have been averaged over a 30-year period, taking into consideration the number of replacements required based off life-hours of incandescent and LED bulbs.

Incandescent Signs

LED Signs