Audibility Upgrades

ProFire conducts audibility upgrades in buildings of all sizes and occupancy types. An audibility upgrade is not just an equipment upgrade for you when ProFire’s involved, it is superior customer service.

Why Choose ProFire?

When ProFire gets involved, your building and tenants are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.

✔ We will indulge in thorough and regular correspondence with your building supervisor and/or superintendent to ensure that all tenants are informed.

✔ We work with the engineer and fire department to make sure that the audibility upgrade meets codes and regulated standards.

✔ Your current fire panel may not be able to handle the audibility upgrade. ProFire will consult with you, recommending fire panel replacement options to provide the most effective and economical solution.

✔ All of our technicians are registered with the Electrical Safety Authority so you can rest assured that the upgrade is done adhering to regulated standards.

✔ Any audibility upgrade means we will be in and out of tenant suites for the duration of the upgrade. We guarantee that our technicians will leave your building and your tenants’ suites well cleaned up after each working day.

As per OFM-TG-02-9 (Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal, Fire Alarm Audibility in Existing Residential Occupancies), there are specific audible requirements and ULC standards to be met:

  • Audibility must reach an acceptable level (55-59 dBa) in each bedroom at pillow level, with the bedroom doors closed.
  • All wiring complies with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.
  • Devices are installed in accordance with CAN/ULC S524