Annual Inspections – Timing, Deficiencies, Certification & Documentation

Annual Inspections – Timing, Deficiencies, Certification & Documentation

Annual inspections – they’re nothing new, right? But there is so much to annual inspections that we would like to bring a few, vital things to your attention. Take a moment to make sure that you’re doing it right every year!


As per the Ontario Fire Code (OFC), all fire and life safety equipment in a building must be inspected annually. Systems to be inspected if present in a building are (but not limited to): Fire Alarm Systems, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Hoses and Extinguishers, and Emergency Lighting. Annual Inspections are to be done by qualified contractorsOFC


The OFC requires that deficiencies which are found during an Annual Inspection be repaired and corrected to return the fire and life safety systems to normal operating conditions. These deficiencies are to be repaired as soon as possible or within a reasonable amount of time. Once deficiencies are repaired, your fire safety company can then certify your building.


The OFC requires that records of annual inspections are kept on-site, or readily available, for a minimum period of two (2) years. OFC Completing Annual Inspections in a timely manner and having documentation readily available is like having insurance. You never know when there could be a fire and life safety emergency which could end up as a liability on you. Having documentation of your Annual Inspections with noted repaired deficiencies helps comply with due diligence requirements of the OFC.

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ProFire helps our clients with the entire process by making annual inspections a stress-free and easy task.

  • Our office reminds clients of their upcoming Annual Inspection, working with them to book a convenient time for the next inspection to be completed.
  • Once the inspection is complete, our clients receive a detailed and concise PDF document highlighting the status of all fire and life safety equipment in the building.
  • Most notable is the summary of deficiencies with mandatory and recommended repairs.
  • As the OFC requires documentation of Annual Inspections to be kept on-site for a minimum of two years, ProFire has gone green and created an exclusive portal on our website for clients to access their reports digitally. With secure log-in credentials, each client has access to Annual Inspection reports and certificates indefinitely.



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