Emergency Exit Signage, the New Standard

Emergency Exit Signage, the New Standard

Emergency exit signage is a top of concern for those who are involved with new construction, major renovation or considering ways of saving on operational costs. As Canada inches closer and closer to the International Fire Code (IFC) – slated to come into effect from 2015; updates are slowly being implemented in the existing National & Ontario Building Codes. This particular article is in regards to the changes as it pertains to Emergency Exit Signage.

A Cost-Effective Solution: Photoluminescent Exit Signage

One such change involves the Green Running Man, which eliminates all barriers of nationalities and languages by simplifying the location of egresses. Potentially a costly changeover, ProFire offers an economical alternative with photoluminescent (PLM) exit signage:

Figure 1 is a summary depicting the estimated energy savings and considerable ROI benefits of implementing PLM exit signage. This summary is the result of a case study that was completed on a 15 storey building with costs associated over a 30-year period. This study was completed in the latter end of 2012.

Want to know how much you can save by implementing photoluminescent emergency exit signage?



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