Emergency Planning 101

Emergency Planning 101
Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail

Successful emergency planning contains three, vital components in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code: (1) Fire Safety Plan (2) Fire Warden Training (3) Fire Drills. Fire wardens should be clearly communicated, the procedures as outlined in the fire safety plan. The fire safety plan should include the following (but not limited to) emergency procedures:

  • Sounding the fire alarm.
  • Notifying the fire department.
  • Instructing occupants on procedures during emergencies.

Fire Safety Plans should be reviewed in intervals no greater than 12-months. Fire Drills are to be held at least once a year.

How Can ProFire Help?

ProFire will:

  1.   Prepare your Fire Safety Plan.
  2.   Conduct Fire Warden Training seminars.
  3.   Conduct an annual Fire Drill.
  4.   Provide equipment such as Fire Warden Caps(illuminating) and Megaphones.

Call ProFire today to book your Fire Warden Training seminar!



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