Fire Safety Plans, Do YOU know what they entail?

Fire Safety Plans, Do YOU know what they entail?

In Issue 3, we covered emergency planning in a very general sense. In this issue, we introduce you to the section of the Ontario Fire Code which outlines exactly what Fire Safety Plans should contain and the responsibilities that lie with building owners/managers.

Fire Safety Plans, as per OFC Subsection 2.8.2.

Some measures contained in the fire code may seem self-explanatory or common-sense, but it’s crucial to understand what is required and the implications that come with it. So what exactly should your Fire Safety Plan include?

  • All emergency procedures including:
  •   sounding the fire alarm,
  •   notifying the fire department,
  •   instructing occupants on procedures to be followed when the fire alarm sounds,
  •  evacuating occupants, including special provisions for persons requiring assistance,
  •  the procedures for use of elevators, and
  •  confining, controlling and extinguishing the fire.
The above is a small excerpt from the Ontario Fire Code. Please see the link below to get a complete understanding of what a Fire Safety Plan entails as per OFC Subsection 2.8.2.)

Click here to read more from OFC Subsection 2.8.2.

As mentioned in Issue 3 and in OFC, Fire Safety Plans should be reviewed in intervals no greater than 12-months and Fire Drills are to be held at least once a year.

Responsibilities of Building Owners/Managers

  • Building owners/managers are responsible for ensuring the list of persons requiring assistance is kept up to date in their Fire Safety Plans.
  • Should any of the building characteristics change affecting emergency fire safety procedures, the Fire Safety Plans must be updated.
  • Building owners/managers should ensure that all supervisory staff are aware of their Fire Safety Plans, its location, and most importantly, its contents.
  • Fire Warden Training is an opportunity for supervisory staff to learn the contents of the Fire Safety Plan and be educated on evacuation procedures.

How Can ProFire Help?

ProFire will:

  1. Prepare your Fire Safety Plan.
  2. Communicate with the fire department to have your Fire Safety Plan approved.
  3. Walk you through your Fire Safety Plan to fully understand its contents and implications.
  4. Provide you with an industry-standard Fire Safety Plan Box and mount it in the approved area(s).

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