Get Yours Now: High-Rise Fire Survival Kit

Get Yours Now: High-Rise Fire Survival Kit

Although the partnership of the property manager and chosen fire alarm company works to prevent fires as best as possible, emergencies can still occur. Take a look at this great resource from the Toronto Fire Services that provides recommended evacuation procedures for those in high buildings (residential or office). Below is a Survival Kit in case of a fire emergency, taken from the article. This list put together by the Toronto Fire Services can be acquired for less than $50.00! Click here to read the full article.

Fire Emergency Survival Kit

  1. Wet towel – Place at the base of a door.
  2. Duct tape – Tape over door and vent openings.
  3. Foil wrap – Use to cover vent openings.
  4. Whistle – Use to signal for help.
  5. Flashlight – Use in case of power failure, smoke, or to signal for help.
  6. Bright-coloured cloth – Hang up in a window, or on a balcony, to identify your location.
  7. Ink marker – Use for messages on cloth, door or windows.
  8. Cotton bedsheet – If smoke is heavy in your room, soak the bed sheet with water and make a tent near an open window.
  9. Washcloth – Place the wet cloth over your mouth and nose to aid breathing in smoke-filled areas.
  10. Fire safety plan – Have a copy of your building’s emergency procedures available.
  11. Plastic pail with lid – Use for storing survival equipment. (Fill with water during a fire.)

Be sure to read through the Toronto Fire Services article thoroughly to get a clear understanding of how to react in case of a fire emergency. Why bother with spending money on a survival kit when your building is equipped with a fire alarm and sprinkler system? It is aligned with being proactive instead of reactive in case of an emergency. Click to read Issue 4 for more details on Proactive vs. Reactive Behaviour.



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