Helpful Products for Safe High-Rise Evacuation

Evacuation comes with a number of contingencies. Blocked exits, persons needing assistance, injured tenants; the list is endless. Consider a few of the following scenarios: What would someone do in a high-rise emergency if they can’t leave their room? What about people needing assistance; how would they safely evacuate a building if the elevators have been recalled to a designated floor? Here are a couple helpful products that could be useful to you:


The SkySaver Rescue Device is a portable escape system equipped in a simple backpack. This product can be installed in high-rises, and can carry upto 300 lbs. The backpack houses 80, 160, or 260 feet of cable (depending on the model) that helps an individual descend from a window. The backpack cable system attaches to a secure anchor point and allows a safe descent of up to 2 meters per second. Click the video for a product demo! →


Evacuscape is a product which has been showcased at Toronto property management trade shows within the last two years. It is a wheelchair-like device equipped with a rubberized track system. This track system grips descending stairs, allowing someone to help a person needing assistance down a stairwell to safe evacuation. The person in the Evacuscape chair is securely strapped into the seat. Click the video for a product demo! →

Disclaimer: Before implementing any of these devices in your building, confer with your property manager and/or condo board for approval. ProFire Safety Services is in no way affiliated with SkySaverUSA nor with Evacuscape. We declare no affiliation, sponsorship, nor any partnerships with either company, nor any registered trademarks.

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