Historical Fire & Life Safety, Then & Now!

Historical Fire & Life Safety, Then & Now!

It’s amazing how much fire & life safety has progressed over the years. Innovation and advancements in technology has allowed for the increased development of the way we implement our fire & life safety measures today. Here at ProFire, we’ve collected some antiques over the years capturing these moments in fire safety history!

Pull Stations – Then

When it comes to alerting people of an emergency, there shouldn’t be so much to read! The message should be simple and easy for all to understand.

Pull Stations – Now



With a message so simple, there’s no doubt that anyone could mistaken the process!

Exit Signage – Then

Exit signs of the past were made of glass, and changing the light bulbs within them supported the risk of breaking the glass encasement.

Exit Signage – Now

With progressive technology, the power saving LED bulb was implemented. Now, with the advent of photoluminescent signage, building owners are saving on energy costs too!

Fire Extinguishers – Then

Extinguishing a fire in the past meant you had to lug around a large barrel of extinguishing fluid or take aim with your best fast ball, maybe a curve ball to get around some obstacles!

Fire Extinguishers – Now

Putting out a fire now is as easy as “P.A.S.S.”, Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep! There’s no more carrying around a barrel of extinguishing chemical or testing your curve ball skills with the glass balls of extinguishing liquid.

ProFire has witnessed the evolution of fire safety first hand over the past 17 years. Give us a call, book a meeting with us! We’d love to discuss with you how fire & life safety has evolved and how our experience in it can benefit you, enhancing the fire & life safety in your building every step of the way!

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