ProFire’s team of highly-trained technicians are experienced and efficient in conducting Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Bi-Monthly & Monthly inspections. We can also provide you with a Fire Equipment Maintenance Logbook so that all maintenance duties and records are kept in an orderly manner. Our technicians conduct annual inspections on the following systems:

Fire Alarm Panels

ProFire will test each manual and automatic alarm and supervisory initiating device noting on the report its location, condition, operation, zone number and annunciation. We will also make recommendations such as installation, relocation or replacement of devices to improve the operations of said systems and further protect the building and its occupants. All testing is done according to CAN/ULC S536-M97, NFPA 72 and all manufacturer’s requirements.

Sprinkler Systems

ProFire repairs and installs both wet and dry systems, Siamese connections, fire pumps, air compressors and standpipes. We will perform a visual inspection of all areas covered by the sprinkler system and make any recommendations necessary. ProFire will also test fully, the operation of all sprinkler alarm valves by performing full flows to ensure proper operation as outlined in NFPA 25.

Exit Signage and Emergency Lighting

ProFire tests all battery units for a full 30-minute load, noting operation, remote head locations, as well as any AC or DC bulbs burnt out; making recommendations for installation of additional units to provide safe egress for building occupants in the event of an emergency. We also supply and install customized tactile, decal, metal and photoluminescent signage.

Fire Hoses and Extinguishers

ProFire will check each Fire Extinguisher as per NFPA 10, noting the date last serviced and all deficiencies and recommendations. We will also inspect the Standpipes and Fire Hoses, noting the condition and re-rack as per NFPA 14A.

Fire Hydrants

ProFire will inspect each Fire Hydrant on your property as per OFC (Hydrants shall be inspected annually and after each use in accordance with Articles to noting that caps and chains are in place and secured. We will also advise whether any surrounding objects may be obstructing clear access to the hydrants as required by the fire department

Fire Safety Plans and Training

ProFire will create and/or revise your Fire Safety Plan for you, as well as place it in a Fire Safety Plan box in the designated area. We will conduct on-site Fire Warden Training seminars as well as Fire Drills for your Fire Wardens and building tenants. ProFire can also arrange Fire Extinguisher training.

Keep up with regular inspection and maintenance duties, and remain accountable for your building.