Wet and Dry

Whether you manage an industrial, commercial, residential, educational or any other type of building, it is very likely that they have or should have sprinkler systems. ProFire has a dedicated team of sprinkler system technicians to take care of your building’s needs.

ProFire conducts all forms of sprinkler renovations, additions, relocation of Sprinkler Heads to full piping and Main Riser Replacement. We also install and service Compressors, Jockey Pumps (Excess Pressure Pumps), all types of Supervisory Switches and Check Valves. ProFire also offers ULC-listed Sprinkler System Monitoring. Click to read more on ULC-listed monitoring.

From consultation to design, installation and retrofits to service and repair, we’ve got you covered (literally)! ProFire will visit your building and fully inspect the site in order to properly consult for appropriate sprinkler system requirements. We will take into consideration any infrastructure that is present already in order to provide the most economical solution.

Dry Sprinkler System

A dry sprinkler system? You’re right. It sounds like it doesn’t make sense, but these systems are useful in areas where heating is inadequate and the the temperature can drop below 40°c. A dry sprinkler system holds water in a pressurized chamber. Once pressure drops, the clapper opens within the sprinkler riser and allows water to flow throughout the system to put out the fire. Is there a concern with dry sprinkler systems? Yes. Water needs to reach the furthest sprinkler head from the riser within 60 seconds or less.

Wet Sprinkler System

A wet sprinkler system holds water throughout the entire sprinkler piping system. Once the heat-activated sprinkler heads detect the heat generated by a fire, the water is released to extinguish the blaze.