Fire Safety Product Catalogue

ProFire supplies a wide range of fire and life safety products for our clients making sure that every building has what it needs to keep it fire-safe! Whether it is a fire logbook or a fire extinguisher, all you need to do is pick up the phone and let us know what you need. We’ll do the needful to make sure you have what you need to keep your property and its tenants safe!

As per the OFC, records of tests and corrective measures must be kept on-site at all times for a period dating back two years. Records must be presented to fire marshals or the fire department on demand if required.

ProFire’s logbook not only keeps a record of your property’s fire equipment maintenance but also offers an overview of the daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities for a property manager. Click here to read more!

Fire Safety Plans are required to be kept in Fire Safety Plan boxes approved by the Chief Fire Official and should be mounted in the approved location. The locked Fire Safety Plan Box is home to the Fire Safety Plan, master keys and schematics of the entire building.

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Photoluminescent signage is revolutionizing the way property managers ensure the safety of their tenants while being able to operate their properties more efficiently. ProFire supplies and installs photoluminescent signage in buildings of all types and sizes. Click here to read an article on how you can earn up to and beyond a 502% ROI! If you’re around Toronto’s Union Station, take a moment and look up! You’ll see these very exit signs taking over the major renovation.

ProFire supplies a wide variety of safety signage. From anything as simple as signs to bring attention to the location of a fire extinguisher, to instructions on how to use the extinguishers themselves, we supply it all! Contact ProFire to inquire on the selection of safety signage we supply and receive a quote today!

Over time extinguishers can lose pressure, the solvent can expire, hoses can crack, pins can be tampered with, or they simply just need to be re-pressurized or recharged. Call us today to inquire on a loaner or brand new extinguisher based on your property’s needs.

Carbon Monoxide detectors are now required by code depending on the adjacent environments of occupancy spaces. Families have been victim to fatal carbon monoxide poisoning in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Smoke detectors and heat detectors must be installed to ensure the complete fire and life safety of tenants in any occupancy space.

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In case of emergency, fire wardens are trained and obligated to ensure the safe evacuation of everyone in the building. These trained fire wardens must be easily identifiable and visible to everyone. As such, ProFire has revolutionized the contemporary Fire Warden Cap by adding three battery-operated, low-energy, high-visibility LEDs to the front rim!

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