Staying Safe on Thanksgiving

Staying Safe on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s an exciting time for everyone right now. Leading up to the Thanksgiving long weekend, the Greater Toronto Area is full of spirit for its hometown teams. The excitement began with the Toronto Maple Leafs hosting the Canadiens earlier this week, followed by the Jays hosting the Rangers yesterday. What does all of this culminate to heading into a long weekend? A definite celebration with family and friends!

Thanksgiving means homes will be full and busy, kitchens and stove tops will be hot, and hazards will be present. Thanks to our friends at the NFPA, we are sharing with you a handful of safety tips to ensure that you enjoy a safe Thanksgiving weekend with your family.

  1. Never leave the kitchen unattended while the stove or oven is on.
  2. Keep children at least three feet away from all hot cooking surfaces, pots and sharp objects.
  3. Keep flammable materials a safe distance from cooking areas.
  4. Do not wear loose clothing and tie long hair up while cooking.
  5. Have an evacuation plan as well as a functioning emergency alert system (check smoke and carbon monoxide batteries).
  6. Keep a household fire extinguisher close to your cooking area in case of an emergency.

Looking for more safety tips? Check out some resources from the NFPA:


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