The Importance of Logbooks

The Importance of Logbooks

Logbooks are a crucial part of any property manager’s records. They contain vital information pertaining to routine (daily, weekly and monthly) checks of fire protection equipment in buildings. These logbooks are to be correctly filled out and updated on a regular basis. They must be hard-bound and not spiral-bounded to ensure all required pages of the logbook remain attached.

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The Ontario Fire Code ( states that updated records are to be kept on-site at all times tracing back a minimum of two years. Updated logbooks are to be presented at any given time should the fire department wish to conduct an inspection or investigate a scene. If there are discrepancies in the records, the liability falls on the property manager.

Maintenance duties include (but are not limited to):

  • Daily: Exit lights should be checked to ensure that they have not been damaged and that they are illuminated.
  • Weekly: Check that dry pipe sprinkler system air pressure is being maintained.
  • Monthly: Test the voice communication systems and loudspeakers.

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